Justin Beiber To Be The Voice of KITT

justin beiberSURELY, they could have found someone else.

There’s some potentially rough news for people who grew up watching Knight Rider in the 1980s or enjoyed re-runs of it in the ’90s. Pop culture punching bag Justin Bieber is the new voice for KITT in an upcoming comedy film with David Hasselhoff.

According to The Insider, the film has the working titles Killing Hasselhoff and Celebrity Death Pool. Australian comedian Jim Jefferies confirmed The Bieb’s appearance in the movie to the entertainment show. If it’s any consolation The Insider also spoke to comedian Ken Jeong, and he at least hinted that Bieber might only be in one scene.

According to Hasselhoff, he convinced Bieber to appear in the movie because the young singer owed The Hoff a favor. However, given Bieber’s allegedly checkered past with cars, he’s certainly a unique choice for the role.


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