Kevin’s Video of the Week: Samsung’s Safety Truck

Samsung safety truck

Kevin: Last summer Jerry had a story about Samsung’s new 18-wheeler “Safety Truck” designed to help drivers see around it using a massive TV screen on the back.

Here it is in action on some two-lane roads.

The Samsung Safety Truck leverages two built-in front cameras and a specially-designed transportation software platform to capture and transmit a picture of the road ahead. Each picture is made available to nearby drivers through a high-quality display composed of four Samsung OH46D video walls. Designed to be dustproof and waterproof, the OHD Series video walls are IP56 certified for superior performance against even the most challenging environmental conditions, ensuring a clear picture regardless of the road or weather. The whole idea here is to make the roads safer.

The project is a partnership between Samsung Electronics Argentina and Volvo Trucks Argentina.

Photo Credit: Samsung/YouTube
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