KFC Makes Eating In Your Car Easier

KFCWhat’s next, pizza in a cup?

KFC has launched a new line of value meals served in handy containers designed to fit securely in an automobile cupholder.

The “Go Cups” start at $2.49 for a piece of chicken and potato wedges, and can also be had with two Extra Crispy Tenders, three Hot Wings, four Original Recipe Bites or a Chicken Little sandwich.

Sandwich in a cup? That’s definitely a new one.

KFC ranked 13th on a recent insure.com survey of drivers’ favorite fast food restaurants for eats on the go, but with french fries and chicken nuggets coming in second and fourth place among specific foods to munch on behind the wheel, the Go Cups could help push it up the charts.

Now, if it can just figure out how to get its corporate cousin Pizza Hut on board.


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