Kia Hamsters Are Back With Lady Hamsters

kia hamstersThe Kia hamsters are back, and this time they brought ladies.

Kia Motors Corp. rolled out the new “fully charged” ad campaign for the Soul EV, featuring Adam Levine’s falsetto on the new Maroon 5 track “Animals” and, of course, the Kia hamsters.

The Korean automaker is offering 200,000 free downloads of “Animals” before its iTunes release as part of the campaign.

The hamsters are “geek chic” in the latest Soul spot, Kia said in a statement, but their female counterparts are far from geeky.

A surge of electricity meant for the Soul EV turns a test hamster into what is essentially a sexy woman with a hamster head.

The spot made its TV debut during the MTV Video Music Awards. Kia did not disclose the cost of the “fully charged” ad campaign.

The Soul EV is Kia’s first mass-marketed electric vehicle. It features a 27-kilowatt lithium ion polymer battery that powers an 81-kilowatt electric motor. The electrified Soul can drive 80 to 100 miles on a full charge.

Kia sold 89,708 Souls in the U.S. through July, a 23 percent gain over the same seven months of 2013. Kia’s overall U.S. sales rose 7 percent during the period in a market that has grown 5 percent.

You can watch the commercial here:


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