Kia Previews Stonic Compact Crossover

kia stonic

Kia is finally getting into the subcompact crossover game. It’s showing off sketches of its upcoming Stonic which will receive a full unveiling later this year. So far it’s only set to sell in Europe markets, but chances are high we’ll see it on our shores at some point, too.

First things first, what’s a Stonic? Kia says the name is a cross of speedy and tonic (as in the first note in a musical scale, not the drink mixer). Not super convincing logic, but okay.

Technically, the crossover fills the Hyundai-size Kona hole in its lineup. If you’ve never heard of the Kona that’s because it’s Hyundai’s upcoming subcompact crossover.

There is no mistaking the Stonic for anything else other than a Kia. The headlights and grille resemble what you find on other new Kia models. Of course, the sketches exaggerate the lines and bulges, so don’t expect the production model to look as rugged.

The Stonic fits between the Soul and Sportage and will compete against the Mazda CX-3, Nissan Juke, Honda HR-V and Toyota’s new C-HR.

Kia could have an electric version in the works, too. If a Stonic EV makes it here as well, it will ride on the success of the all-electric Niro SUV. I took one of those for a spin recently and thought it was a well-behaved, but still fun, SUV.

Photo Credit: Kia
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