Nevada Gives Kia Thumbs Up To Test Self-Driving Cars

kia motors autonomous nevada

Kia is joining the ranks of automakers putting self-driving cars to the test in Nevada.

This week, Nevada gave Kia and its parent company Hyundai the go-ahead to start testing partially- and fully-autonomous cars on its public roads. The automaker’s prototype of choice? A Kia Soul EV. 

Kia and Hyundai are trying to speed up development of self-driving technologies. In November, they announced plans to invest $2 billion into a new Advanced Driver Assistance System by 2018. The first goal is to create partially-automated driving systems by 2020. The end goal is to build a fully self-driving production car by 2030.

ADAS works like other systems designed to do the driving for you. It uses a bunch of sensors to detect other cars and objects around the car. It then uses an advanced computing system to calculate the best response. Then it automatically takes whatever action is needed without a driver at the wheel.

The system will also include other technologies like Traffic Jam Assist which tracks cars in front of vehicles and makes adjustments accordingly. Highway Autonomous Driving, Lane Guidance System, and Advanced Cruise Control will help cars maintain safe distances, stay in their own lanes, and obey speed limits. Drivers will also be able to park their cars remotely thanks to a Smart Parking System.

Nevada is just one of among four states, and Washington, D.C., that regulates autonomous vehicle testing on public roads. Google was the first to get a permit to test self-driving cars there. Audi followed shortly thereafter. Then in May, Daimler Trucks North America joined that list when it received the first license to test an autonomous commercial truck on a U.S. public highway.

Photo Credit: Kia Motors


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