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A 5-year-old boy has successfully had his hand reattached after it was ripped off during a freak vehicle accident last week in Maine, a family friend of the child announced.
Noah Keene of Rockland, Maine, underwent 14 hours of surgery last Wednesday to reattach the hand, which was severed when he dangled a jump rope wrapped around his wrist out the window of his grandma’s car and it got caught in a passing vehicle, according to the Bangor Daily News.
The hand surgery as far as reattachment has been a success but it will be months before any [if any] movement can be expected,” a fundraising website for the child’s medical expenses states. “What an amazing resilient little guy.”
Noah was driving with his grandmother, Sharon Setz, when the rope pulled off the child’s hand.
A female passerby witnessed the tragic accident and stopped to help the screaming youngster, who was bleeding profusely.
“This woman is most certainly the reason my grandson is alive today,” the 52-year-old grandmother wrote on Facebook. “He was bleeding to death right in front of my eyes and I did not know what to do.”
Setz also thanked a second woman, identified on Facebook as Sue Snow, who was able to grab the severed hand before it was run over by passing cars and wrapped it in a blanket with ice.
The child was rushed to Pen Bay Medical Center after the accident. He was later driven to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston for treatment.
Both Rockland police and the child’s family are now searching for the “heaven sent” woman who helped police stop the child’s bleeding before an ambulance arrived.
“During the tragic accident involving a young boy, a woman stopped to medically assist the police before EMS arrived,” the Rockland police wrote in a Facebook post, asking the female passerby to come forward so that they could thank her. “The woman’s assistance was appreciated more than the family or police can express.”


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