Porsche Debuts New Panamera 4 Executive Editions

la auto show porsche panamera

If there’s a press conference I like it’s one with Patrick Dempsey.

The actor and racing enthusiast helped Porsche roll out its new 2017 Panamera Executive Editions at this week’s Los Angeles Auto Show. The Executive Edition is a long-wheelbase version of the four-door. All you need is a chauffeur up front.

The Panamera 4 Executive Edition is the newest addition to the second-generation Panamera family rolled out earlier this year. It will come with all the drivetrains offered in the standard models including a plug-in hybrid – and then some. Now with an available V6-Turbo the Executive will pump out 330-horses, the 4S Executive 462-horses and the 4 E-Hybrid will deliver the most with 550-horses.

porsche panamera executive edition

The other big news is of course the stretch factor. There are six more inches of legroom in the backseat. Yes you’ll spend up and over the $100,000 mark for that extra space. Even more if you add in a driver.

If you do have the luxury of sitting in the back seat, you won’t be short on entertainment. Every seat gets its own ten-inch infotainment touchscreen. They slide out and turn into tablets, too.

Look for the Panamera Executive trim on the Panamera 4, S, 4S, E-Hybrid and Turbo models early next year.

porsche panamera executive

porsche panamera executive

porsche panamera



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