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GM SUVsThe 2014 full-size SUVs being built by the General Motors Assembly Plant in Arlington, TX will not arrive at dealerships until about January, about three months late, according to Automotive News.
In an interview this month, GM president Mark Reuss told the publication that the timeline on the SUVs was pushed back from October to ensure a “flawless” launch of GM’s full-size 2014 pickups.
The Chevrolet Tahoe, GMC Yukon, and Cadillac Escalade share the platform that the all-new pickups are built on.
Suppliers told Automotive News that the SUV launch had been delayed three months. Reuss said that schedule was “roughly” correct.
“We recadenced all of this so that we’re successful,” Reuss told Automotive News. “How much can we really do and do it really flawlessly? There was a real deep-dive assessment of what can we really do.”
Donna McLallen, a spokeswoman for the plant, declined to comment on the story.
“We have not released timing related to the launch of the full-size SUVs,” she said in an email.
“Here at GM Arlington, we are working to ensure that when the SUVs do hit dealership showrooms, they are the best they can be and reflective of the quality GM customers have come to expect from Arlington-built vehicles throughout our plant’s 59 years in Texas.”
Arlington is GM’s only plant for full-size SUVs.
The plant is doing $331 million worth of retooling to build GM’s next generation of SUVs.
Arlington is also getting a $200 million stamping facility that punches out body parts and other metal pieces to be used at the plant. That plant is supposed to open at the same time the retooled plant starts operating.


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