Las Vegas Reporters Bake Cookies in a Mazda

cookies mazda

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you heat, bake cookies? That’s exactly what reporters in Las Vegas decided to do this week. The supplies were simple: a Mazda, baking sheet, and break and bake cookies.

Caitlin Lilly and Kira Terry of the Las Vegas Review-Journal decided to prove that a hot car in the summer sun really can act as an oven. The two journalists chose June 20th as the date to put their experiment to the test. They choose that day because it was the first time this year the Las Vegas Valley temp spiked to 115 degrees.

The two placed a cookie sheet with 24 unbaked chocolate chip cookies on the dashboard beneath an untinted window of a Mazda. (The reporters note it was so hot outside that the cookies actually started melting just on the walk out to the car.) The baking start time was just after 1 p.m. By 4:30 pm the cookies were ready to eat.

The edges of the cookies started browning at three hours. They weren’t quite done, unless you prefer more of a cookie dough center. About an hour later they were completely cooked. So much so that staff members reported they were actually crunchy.

“I was expecting them to be soft, but they were crunchy. It’s a dry heat, after all,” joked Michael Quine, RJ photographer and cookie sampler.

The ladies also put the fry an egg on the sidewalk theory to the test. They laid out two strips of bacon and some shrimp to round out the a la carte breakfast. The shrimp fully cooked within 20 minutes. The bacon browned on the edges, but remained raw in the center. The egg didn’t cook at all. So despite what the souls of your sneakers are telling you, you really can’t fry an egg on asphalt.

Photo Credit: Las Vegas Review-Journal
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