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In the past, the notion of “launch control,” a feature that lets a car’s computer take over when pushing for maximum acceleration, was limited only to the most exotic models, like the Shelby GT500 I reviewed last week. Now it’s increasingly going downscale.
Ford has added it to its 2013 Mustang. The latest to get it is the Volkswagen Jetta GLI, a performance version of VW’s compact. Basically, it allows drivers to feel a car’s maximum performance without having to worry about shifting. Perfect for drag racing — not that anyone should try.
For 2013, Jetta GLI will have the same launch control feature found in much more expensive performance cars. In a Porsche, for instance, launch control allows you to hold down the brake with your left foot and push the accelerator to the floor with your right foot to engage the feature. When the brake is released, the car takes off as fast as it possibly can without spinning its wheels.
I expect it will work the same way in the GLI. Says VW:
All Jetta GLI models equipped with the DSG automatic transmission include a Launch Control program that can be engaged by the driver when the vehicle is at a stop, allowing for a perfect launch with controlled wheelspin.


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