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At the request of two Democrats from California, Chrysler has been asked to warn certain Jeep Wrangler owners about a suspension problem. This problem, known as the “Jeep Death Wobble,” is a vibration felt coming from the front suspension which makes the iconic off-roader shake after going over a pothole or some other deformity in the road. United States Representatives Anna Eshoo, a member of the Subcommittee on Communications and Technology, and Henry Waxman, a member of the Energy and Commerce committee, have requested that Chrysler alert potential Wrangler owners who could be affected by this problem.
“We believe Chrysler should undertake an outreach campaign to its customers, such as a Customer Satisfaction Campaign, to notify Jeep owners of the risk of the ‘wobble’ condition…and the possible methods for repairing and preventing the problem,” both Waxman and Eshoo wrote in a letter to Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne obtained by the Detroit News.
Chrysler spokesman Michael Palese said the automaker is aware of one report concerning the wobble with a fatality related to the incident. Palese declined to go into further detail when pressed by the Detroit News but did go on to say that the Wrangler has a pristine safety record. He did, however, go into detail that when an accident with the Wrangler does occur, it can usually be traced back to the faulty installation of an after-market part or accessory.
“All manufacturer vehicles equipped with a solid axle can be susceptible to this condition and, if experienced, it is routinely corrected with a change of tires or installation of a simple steering damper,” Palese said to the Detroit News. “In fact, most reported incidents — in all manufacturer vehicles equipped with or without a solid axle—are often linked to poorly installed or maintained aftermarket equipment, such as lifters, oversized tires, etc.
Lawmakers have previously requested that the National Highway Traffic safety Administration open a request into Wranglers made between the 2005 and 2010 model year, but were rejected as recently as April of this year. The NHTSA has said that out of 542,134 Wranglers produced during that time, only 402 complaints have been filed. Out of the 402 complaints, the agency said that only “two possible or relevant crashes [have occurred] one of which [had] alleged nonfatal injuries.”
NHTSA will continue to keep tabs on the situation and has said it will take action if necessary.


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