LEGOs Sure Do Make a Cool Batmobile

chevrolet lego batmobile

Update 1/24/17: Check out Chevy’s new timelapse video.

Legos are a pain to step on, but they sure make a cool Batmobile.  

Chevrolet organized local Detroit students for the unveiling of the ultimate LEGO machine at this year’s Detroit Auto Show. The LEGO Batmobile.

The full-size model measures 17 feet long, 6.9 feet tall, and 9.25 feet wide. Its large size becomes even crazier when you consider it’s made of 344,187 standard size Lego blocks.

Just designing it took 222 hours. Then it took LEGO Master Builders 1,833 hours to build it. That’s over 76 days of round the clock work. Or 152, 12-hour work days.

The model consists of 17 different color blocks. The entirety of the LEGO mobiles construction, from paper to the last block, took place in Enfield, Connecticut in the LEGO Model Shop.

The Lego Batmobile weighs in at a hefty 1,695 pounds. The huge tires alone weigh over 100 pounds each. Over 86 feet of tube aluminum weighing 285.5 pounds makes up the cabin. The rest of the weight comes from authentic LEGO pieces.

chevrolet lego batmobile

In a mock up website page for the model, Chevy prices it at $48,000,000. The engine goes into what can only be considered the superhero realm with 20,000 horsepower. The powertrain consists of a 60.2-liter V100 engine with two flaming rocket boosters. We’re a particular fan of the plastic flames coming from the rear and sides.

There’s even a cute ad with real life everyday LEGO personalities reviewing the model to the chagrin of Batman.

The life-size model recreates the one used by Batman in the new LEGO Batman movie due out next month.

Photo Credit: Chevrolet
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