Let’s All Pretend We’re Driving Porsches in the Snow Right Now

porsche winter snow

With summer heat kicking into high gear, here’s something to help you cool off a bit.

It’s Porsche’s new video of its 2016 snow and ice driving school up in Canada. This is something to definitely add to the bucket list.

Camp4 Canada is a four or five day winter driving school program. You’ll strap in to the newest Porsche sports cars and drive on specially-prepared snow and ice tracks. You won’t be doing this all by yourself, of course. You’ll get some help from expert instructors from the Porsche Sport Driving School.

The driving area has two circuits, two large skidpads, and two challenging handling courses.  There are different training levels, too. You’ll be wined and dined of course as well in between tackling the wintery conditions.

The next Camp4 Canada takes place in February 2017 in Mecaglisse, Québec.

Photo Credit: Porsche 
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