Like Boxy? Better Scoop Up a Ford Flex Soon

ford flex

The Ford Flex just doesn’t have the flexibility to stick around for the next decade. The automaker will reportedly put the slow-selling model to rest in 2020. So if you like boxy, you know what you have to do.

The endearing funk mobile just couldn’t reach a big enough audience. While it did well with the critics with its boxy style, built in cooler, and all over family comfort, the Flex never sold well with actual consumers. On the bright side, for those who did buy one, Ford says it rates high in customer satisfaction.

The Flex arrived back in back in 2008. Eight years later, it still has most of its original design. Ford only gave the model facelifts over the years. 

2016 Ford Flex

A look at the numbers show why Ford will phase it out. The model’s sales were up 13.1% this year. But that only adds up to 17,034 models sold. Compared to Ford’s overall U.S. sales of 1.9 million during that same time, it just doesn’t make a big enough contribution overall.

Word of the Flex’s fate came from union officials in Canada during union talks. The Oakville Assembly factory building the Flex will continue to build the Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX.

In the meantime, you’ve still got three more years if you want a new Ford Flex. So don’t get all weepy just yet. 

Photo Credit: Ford
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