Lincoln Concept Car On the Block At Sam Pack Auction

lincoln concept carOne of the recurring comments that enthusiasts make when the issue of making Lincoln into a success comes up is why didn’t they ever put the trio of concept cars they introduced about ten years ago, the Mark 9 and Mark X coupes of 2001 and 2004 and the Continental flagship sedan concept of 2002, into production.

All three cars were meant to evoke styling cues from successful Lincolns of the past, particularly the 1961 Continental and the personal luxury Marks of the late 1960s and early 1970s. All three could have been made, but never made it to production, much to the chagrin of a lot of folks cheering for Lincoln to turn things around. Though they never made it to production you’ll now be able to buy a couple of them, including the stunning ’02 Continental concept.

In 2010, Ford sold off a number of their concept cars and Texas businessman and Car Pro Show North Texas Premier Sponsor, Mr. Sam Pack, whose holdings include a number of Ford dealerships and a massive car collection, bought a few of them. Mr. Pack is a Thunderbird enthusiast, so in the package there were a couple of Thunderbird concepts from when that nameplate was revived with the Jaguar S Type platform a few years back. Mr. Pack also bought the MKX and Continental concepts.

The Lincoln and Thunderbird concepts, along with 126 other desirable cars, are now being auctioned off as Mr. Pack wants to winnow down the large collection into something small enough to enjoy. RM Auctions will be handling the sale, which is scheduled for November 14-15 of this year, as a single-seller auction. The auction will take place on the grounds of the Pack Automotive Museum in Farmer’s Branch, Texas, near Dallas. All of the cars are being sold without reserve, which means they’ll be sold no matter what the final bids are.


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