Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Gets 45 City & Highway – Car Pro News

Lincoln is making it easy when it comes to remembering the gas mileage of its new MKZ hybrid. It’s 45 miles a gallon, whether it’s city, highway or combined.
That is 2 mpg lower than its Ford division sister, the new Ford Fusion, but there are a lot more luxury touches on the MKZ. For instance, one version has a big glass roof that’s innovative, but they tend to add a lot of weight, which eats up gas.
Still, Lincoln is boasting the new MKZ can beat rivals when it comes to gas mileage. It will have 5 mpg more in the city than the Lexus ES 300h and 6 mpg more on the highway. It’s also inviting comparisons to the Infiniti M35h and the BMW ActiveHybrid 3.
Ford is even boasting MKZ’s gas mileage is better than smaller luxury cars, such as Toyota’s Lexus CT hybrid.
“The all-new MKZ hybrid proves that thoughtful customers who prioritize fuel economy and reducing emissions do not need to compromise on luxury, driving quality or advanced technology,” said Jim Farley, group vice president, Global Marketing, Sales and Service.


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