Listener Response from the 9/11 Tribute

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From San Antonio:

As always, thanks for posting that tribute. I always get a lump in my throat thinking about the events of that day.
Also, thanks for keeping those memories alive because we must NEVER forget. And thanks for your support of our military and veterans!


From Sacramento:

Dear Jerry and Kevin,
Thank you for today’s show. When listening to you show this AM, as I usually do every Sat., I was lucky enough to catch the re-broadcast of your 9/11 tribute. I’m 65, retired and a Vietnam Vet.
I’ve wept probably only 3 times in the last 40 years-When I left Vietnam after being wounded for the 3rd time; when my wife passed a few years ago; and this AM, when listening to you tribute. Thank you for what you do every Sat, but especially for today-it was moving. No, I will never forget!

From Houston:
Again, Thank you for the 911 Tribute. Since it appears to be forgotten a little more each year I
am going to be sending it out to contacts of mine and ask them to do the same.
The last 5 years has cast a CRS syndrome over way too many people.

From Dallas Fort Worth:
I just finished listening to your tribute to 9/11, more from just the historical point. But listening
to Kevin’s super quality voice started to bring out the emotions. But then the ending with you,
Connor, and Lee Greenwood honestly had tears flowing from my eyes!!
That event was so tragic, and brings out (sorry to say) so much hatred towards the Muslems,
it’s hard not to get emotional! Thanks for the clip!


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