LM2 Streamliner Is New York Auto Show No-Show

Well, it turns out that Lyons Motor Car didn’t go big OR go home at this week’s New York International Auto Show. In fact, it’s been a no-show, at least so far. It missed both auto show press days this week, even though the startup U.S. based automaker had promised to debut its LM2 Streamliner. Instead, it claims the hi-tech 1,700-horsepower supercar just wasn’t “quite ready” for its time in the spotlight yet.

In a statement sent to an automotive website, the automaker explained it by saying, “as a start-up company, Lyons Motor Car is self-funded and the founders work to ensure that each car, whether its a prototype or actual automobile, exceeds their and the industry’s expectations of what a luxury car brand is” and it is because of this high standard that it decide to delay the release of the prototype for the Streamliner.

Despite the fact we haven’t seen it yet, that could change, emphasis on could. The company says it’s still possible it will show off the prototype during the show at some point before it ends on April 12th. Though we’d say the chances of this are pretty unlikely at this point.
Lyons Motor Car’s no-show comes after some mighty big talk about just what the LM2 Streamliner is and what it will do. The automaker is throwing out some crazy numbers and says sit will churn out 1,700-horsepower, yes 1,700 hp, generated from a twin-turbocharged 8.2-liter V-8 that’s been, “carved from a solid block of aluminum.” It also claims it will go from 0 – 60 in a mere 2.2 seconds.

The price tag for this modern speed demon, if it goes into production? Oh just $1.3 million.

Lyons Motor Car was founded by Kevin Lyons in 2011 and the cool part is that it’s a U.S. company based out of New York City. Lyons’ goal is to compete with European high-performance supercar brands.

On its website, Lyons Motor Car describes it as built on a “carbon fiber body, and full length carbon fiber chassis, with carbon fiber and billet stainless steel subframes” with “the most advanced and technologically convenient Full microprocessor controlled electrical system ever.”

The site also says the plan was to have the prototype ready by February 2015, but as we’ve seen, that hasn’t happened. The New York Auto Show runs through April 12th. For more information about the show head to the auto show website.

Photo Credit: Lyons Motor Car



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