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Bob Lutz took another shot at Fox News for casting the Chevy Volt “as the poster child of President Obama’s socialist meddling in the free automotive market.”

In a second consecutive post on his new blog titled “The Chevy Volt, Bill O’Reilly and the Postman’s Butt,” Lutz clarified that the extended-range electric car was “largely my idea and I was its undeniable champion.”

Last week, O’Reilly used his Fox News pulpit to repeat that Volts “catch fire.” Federal safety regulators ended an investigation into two battery fires that occurred in Volts several days or weeks after they had been crash-tested.

There have been no fires in any Volts that consumers have bought or leased.

But Lutz didn’t stop there.

“Meanwhile, the dastardly, communist Volt’s rebadged sister car, the Opel Ampera, was just selected as European Car of the Year by 59 of Europe’s leading automotive journalists. But what do they know? They’re only Europeans!” the retired former General Motors vice president wrote in his blog.

What is unusual about Lutz’s latest verbal crusade is that he continues to identify himself as a political conservative, even reminding Fox’s Volt critics, “I spent 11 years as a Marine attack aviator trained and ready to take out Communists during the Cold War.”

Asked why conservative Republicans seem to be rooting against the Volt, Lutz replied in an e-mail that “they all deeply believe that the Volt is (President) Obama’s personal product program, because Rush (Limbaugh) told them so.

“I just want to keep putting the truth out there, and hope someone notices,” Lutz said.

Separately, the website Media Matters found old videos of O’Reilly praising electric, hybrid and flex-fuel vehicles back in 2008 when gas prices spiked above $4 a gallon. The site also found footage of Fox commentator Sean Hannity lecturing a guest who was criticizing American automakers, saying, “I don’t see why you don’t praise GM for what they are doing with their electric cars and hybrids.”


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