Man Rams GM Building With Chevy – Car Pro News

Detroit police are trying to figure out why a driver apparently rammed his car into the Renaissance Center Sunday afternoon.

“The car was already parked there, like weirdly, and the next thing you know the car just smashes into the front of the Renaissance Center, the front door,” said Carl Kyos.
Autumn Sapp also witnessed the crash and said the driver appeared to hit the building on purpose.

“I was just in shock. Who drives their car into the Ren Cen?”

Police said the male driver was in a Chevy Monte Carlo. Witnesses said the man was dressed in all black when he drove up the circular drive on Jefferson Avenue then turned his car to line up with the front revolving doors.
“He was pointed straight at the building. Straight at the doors,” said Sapp.

The Renaissance Center is the world headquarters for General Motors. It’s a well-guarded building and security teams and police responded immediately.


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