Matt LaBlanc’s Close Call With Top Gear Cameraman

matt lablanc top gear

By now, you’ve heard the reports that things didn’t always go so smoothly during filming of the new season of the BBC’s Top Gear. There were production delays, producer changes, and even the hosts getting car sick. But according to a new report in The Mirror, things could have gone much, much worse.

As in new co-host Matt LaBlanc had a near miss with a cameraman. The Mirror reports that LaBlanc nearly ran over one while on set filming the new season of the show, scheduled to hit air in May.

According to the report, LaBlanc was about to take a Porsche for a test drive during a break, without knowing one of the crew was filming the car at ground-level. Fortunately, another crew member saw what was about to happen and sounded the cry of alarm.

A show insider said: “In between filming, Matt got into a Porsche they’d been road-testing, turned on the ignition and was about to take it for a drive. But he was completely unaware one of the cameramen was lying down alongside it at ground level, filming low shots. The crew member was completely oblivious Matt was about to speed off too, – but a tracking cameraman, who was sat in the distance, could see what was about to happen and started waving and screaming at Matt to stop.”

LaBlanc was shaken up and took a few hours off after the incident.

You can check out the trailer for the new season of Top Gear below.

Photo Credit: Top Gear
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