Mazda Debuts New G-Vectoring Control Technology

mazda g vectoring skyactiv diesels

Mazda wants to be known as the car company for real driving enthusiasts. So of course it was only a matter of time until it stepped up its torque vectoring game. It’s introducing G-Vectoring Control and we can expect to see it throughout the automaker’s entire lineup.

G-Vectoring Control is the first of a new suite of new technologies part of the automaker’s SKYACTIV-Vehicle Dynamics umbrella. It’s basically an advanced form of chassis management.

For a quick definition, torque vectoring is when varying amounts of torque are sent to individual wheels to improve cornering. You see the technology more and more these days in performance cars, including the new Acura NSX, Ford Focus RS, and Lexus RC F to name a few.

Mazda’s new system changes torque output in response to steering inputs. Mazada’s engineers call the technology subtle, but very important.

g-vectoring control mazda

The system uses slight variations in torque sent to the front wheels to reduce the need for steering corrections and lateral acceleration on the driver. The constantly variable torque applied to the front wheels allows the car to maintain a steady cornering speed, to improve driving dynamics.

Mazda says the end result will be a car that handles better on unpaved road surfaces and on wet, snowy roads. All of this also equals a smoother ride for occupants.

The new Mazda3 will be the first to get it. It goes on sale in Japan Thursday. The first U.S. car to get it will be the 2017 Mazda6.

mazda g-vectoring control

Photo Credit: Mazda
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