Mazda Expands Air Bag Recall Nationwide

Mazda is following it’s rival Honda by expanding its Takata air bag recall nationwide. The driver’s side air bags could explode upon too much force and send shrapnel flying.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is demanding nationwide air bag recalls from multiple automakers who use air bags supplied by Takata. Recalls at first focused on high humidity areas thought to be a factor in the explosions. However, new cases in other parts of the U.S. are prompting the expanded recalls. At least five deaths and dozens of injuries are linked to the defective air bags worldwide.

Honda Motor Company was the first automaker to expand its recall nationwide, adding 2.6 million more vehicles to its recall, which will now total 5.4 million vehicles. Mazda is working on the details and exact numbers for its expanded recall. For its part, Takata has refused NHTSA demands to issue its own nationwide recall, although it says it will cooperate with automakers who decide to do them on their own.

Meanwhile, the NHTSA says current recalls for passenger-side air bag inflators remain unchanged. They are still limited only to high-humidity areas because there is no data to suggest a problem with them nationwide.

Photo Credit: Mazda

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