Mazda Has Most Fuel-Efficient Lineup

MazdaOn the heels of the EPA’s news that the average fuel economy of light-duty new vehicles continues to climb, the agency announced that Mazda is leading the charge. It named the Japanese company the most fuel-efficient automaker, with the highest fleet-wide adjusted fuel economy of 27.1 mpg for model-year 2012 new vehicles; model-year 2013 figures haven’t been finalized yet.

At the low end are GM and Chrysler, but that’s hardly surprising. Mazda’s car-heavy lineup features four-cylinder engines; only the CX-9 crossover uses a V-6. GM and Chrysler, by comparison, offer a full suite of V-6 and V-8 trucks and SUVs, lowering their average to 21.7 and 20.1 mpg, respectively.

In second place is Honda with a fleet-wide average of 26.6 mpg, followed closely by Toyota at 25.6. What’s more impressive is Subaru’s ranking of 25.2, notable considering the automaker’s across-the-board all-wheel-drive lineup.


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