Mazda Recalls 309,000 Takata Airbag Vehicles Again

Mazda North American Headquarters

Mazda wants to get its hands back on an already recalled batch of Takata airbag vehicles. This time around it will outfit them with permanent, not just temporary, replacement parts.

The latest recall involves approximately 309,000 model-year 2003-08 Mazda6 sedans, hatchbacks and wagons along with 2006-07 MazdaSpeed6 sedans and 2004-08 Mazda RX-8 coupes.

All of the models are equipped with driver’s side Takata airbags that are part of a massive industry-wide recall. They contain a propellant that can degrade over time and cause the airbags to rupture when deployed.

Mazda recalled the devices under an earlier campaign in 2015, but the only airbag replacements available then contained ammonium-nitrate — the same propellant in the original ones. Now Mazda has permanent replacements that don’t contain the same chemical propellant.   

Mazda’s goal is to install them first into cars that didn’t get the Takata repairs on the first go-round, then install them in cars with the temporary replacements. 

Photo Credit: Mazda
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