Mazda Replaces 2016 Miata Wrecked Just After Delivery

Mazda Miata Club Edition

The first shipment of 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miatas are finally here. Imagine the jubilant sensation of being among the 1,000 people to pick up the limited Launch Edition, only to feel eviscerated when the new roadster crashes hardly a mile away from the dealership. While it must be an absolutely horrendous experience, Mazda North American Operations is making things right for one forlorn couple.

In what was surely among the first recorded crashes of the 2016 Miata in the US, a husband and wife recently went to pick up their new Launch Edition, but they were rear-ended almost as soon as they left the dealer. According to Jalopnik, the hit also caused the roadster to slam into the car in front and might have bent the frame. To make a bad situation even worse, the wife also needed to be taken to the hospital to be checked out.

Mazda is coming to the couple’s aid with a generous gift. Knowing that it’s utterly unfair for the new owners not to enjoy some top-down driving while the summer lasts, the company is actually sending the pair another Launch Edition to replace their crashed example. According to a Facebook post by the dealer, the car should be available sometime next month. Hopefully, the couple can enjoy thousands of miles of roadster driving with this one.

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