Mazda Wants You To Get Emotional About Its Cars Again

Mazda AD

Mazda is hoping to bring back the emotion of its Zoom-Zoom campaign with a new slogan, “Driving Matters”, and Friday, the automaker will launch its biggest ad campaign in two years in hopes of doing just that. The ad not surprisingly features the new Mazda MX-5 and you’ll recognize the voice-over, it’s done by none other than Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul.

“Mazda makes cars for people who take pleasure in driving, and “Driving Matters” perfectly aligns with that philosophy. Through our creative process, it became evident that Mazda’s inspiration for pure driving enjoyment is something that relates to the typical car buyer,” says Harvey Marco, creative director for Garage Team Mazda.

The first add in the campaign is “A Driver’s Life”, a 60-second spot that chronicles the life of a man who drives his first second-hand MX-5 in college, a new Mazda3 when he marries, then graduates to the CX-5 with kids, and finally to that sweet mid-life moment when he’s back in the Miata roadster as a pleasure car. It will be shown on TV and in movie theaters.

Mazda also hopes the spots further define its famous Zoom Zoom slogan, which will be incorporated into the campaign.

“When we go into a focus group, we do a first opening statement. ‘When I say Mazda, what do you think of?’ Nine out of 10 they say ‘Zoom Zoom.’ Then I’ll ask them to explain to me what ‘Zoom Zoom’ means, and I’ll get six or seven different answers. That’s what Driving Matters is supposed to address. It’s supposed to solidify what ‘Zoom Zoom’ means to people,” says Russell Wager, vice president of U.S. Marketing.

Mazda’s most recent “Game Changers” campaign, which focused on its recent innovations like Mazda’s SkyActiv engines and chassis, enjoyed measured success. According to Forbes, it helped Mazda close the gap between its third-tier status and the second tier in the U.S. auto market, where its market share was just 1.8 percent last year.

The new ad campaign is about what driving is all about in the first place.

“Through the Driving Matters campaign, consumers will get a glimpse at why driving matters so much to Mazda and why we obsess over every detail in designing our cars. Whether it’s for safety purposes or for maintaining our ‘fun to drive’ nature, it all comes down to the fact that driving matters to our customers and it matters to us,” says Russell Wager who is the vice president of marketing at MNAO.

The new MX-5 roadster featured in the first spot starts at $24,915 and arrives later this summer.

So get ready for some Zoom-Zoom.

Photo Credit: Mazda


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