Meet the Texas Man with 375,000 Miles on his Chevy Silverado

texas chevy truck legend

Deep in the heart of Texas a legend has been born. Chevrolet crowned the Official Truck Legend of Texas this week at the State Fair of Texas.

Lonzo Anderson hails from Arlington, Texas, near Dallas. His legendary status started when he told Chevy about his 2000 Silverado with 375,000 miles on it at last year’s fair.

“Conversations like that helped inspire the Chevy Truck Legends program,” says Hugh Milne, Chevrolet Silverado marketing manager. He says for the nomination of the first legend that they couldn’t “think of anyone more deserving than Lonzo.”

texas truck legends

To mark its official status as the Official Truck Legend of Texas, the 16-year old Silverado is joining the Chevy display this year.

Anderson got his Silverado back in 2000. He hopped a ride in the tow truck that took his stalled car away. He’d had enough to unreliable cars. He requested to go directly to his local Chevy dealer. He wanted something steady. So he choose what would become a Chevy legend.

“I bought my Silverado right then and there. From that point on I’ve driven my truck just about every day,” Anderson says. “I still demand a lot from my truck, and it always delivers.”

texas truck legends

Anderson says its reliability takes the cake for his favorite thing about his truck. “I once called into work during an ice storm,” he says.

Other residents in his area found themselves stuck at home. But he was able to get to work and back safely thanks to his Silverado.

Chevy started its Chevy Truck Legends appreciate program after hearing from loyal drivers like Anderson. If you live in Texas, you too can join the program. It’s free. But you do have to have a Chevy truck with at least 100,000 miles on it though.

texas truck legends

Member benefits range from free car washes to discounted oil depending on the participating dealership. Members are also eligible for special prizes. Prizes include things like getting your truck displayed at the fair, MLB tickets, and sneak peeks at new models. All members get an exclusive Truck Legends baseball cap.

To join the club check out

Photo Credit: Chevrolet/Car Pro
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