3 Tips to Avoid Being a Car Burglary Victim Like Mel B

If you’re a ticked off celebrity, $5K equals the going rate for catching a car burglar.

Someone broke into Mel B’s car recently outside her Beverly Hill home. The former Spice Girl is now offering a reward to any information on the thief who smashed the rear window of her car and made off with two suitcases that were inside.  

You can tell she’s pretty annoyed, and rightly so, by her Instagram post in which she also posts surveillance camera footage of the crime.

It shows the perp literally breaking her back window and removing the suitcases. She’s offered $5,000 for info and asks the public to direct message her husband. She said the local police have a good idea of who the man in the video is, but still needs tips.

The break-in happened at their family home in Beverly Hills. Mel and her family are currently in Australia where Mel is filming the Australian X-Factor.

Well Mel B, we might not know who broke in, but we’ve got some tips to keep it from happening again.

  1. First and foremost, if available park your car in a garage or other secured area. Yes, the garage acts as a handy place for storing just about everything else besides a car. It’s first use of storing your car serves an ideal of protecting it from both the elements and criminals.

  2. Another thing that can discourage break ins is something you all already know if you’ve ever been to the mall. Simple. Don’t leave bags and items in your car. If you have to, try to at least hide them. It’s hard to tell in the video, but it appears that Mel’s bags are just lying in the trunk of her car. They’re in clear view to any prying tom pressing an eye up against the darkened window.

  3. Always. Always. Always. Lock your car. Make sure all the windows are closed. And of course, take your keys with you. Otherwise you could end up having your Kit-Kat stolen like this poor college kid.

Hopefully our tips will help you avoid something like that happening to you, especially with the holidays right around the corner.

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