Mercedes 6×6 Unveiled

Mercedes 6x6Mercedes-Benz has unveiled a six-wheel version of its extreme luxury off-roader, the G63 AMG.

Based on a military version of the decades-old truck that it created for the Australian army, the hand-built 6×6 has a pickup bed grafted onto its cabin to accommodate the extra axle, a total of five locking differentials, bead lock wheels and a compressed air system that allows the driver to adjust tire pressures remotely.

Power comes from the standard G63s twin-turbocharged V8, which is good for an earth-moving 536 hp, 561 lb-ft torque and not at all overkill as the vehicle weighs 8,300 pounds.

Fuel economy has not been determined, but since the 4×4 version gets 13 mpg combined, you can guess it won’t be that impressive. Two 21-gallon gas tanks should help with any range anxiety you experience.

U.S. sales have not been confirmed, but Autocat says Mercedes-Benz expects to build 20-30 of the monster trucks each year at a price second only to its most expensive car, the upcoming battery-powered $550,000 AMG E-Cell sports car.

Since that one uses no fuel, consider it the world’s most expensive carbon offset for the G63 6×6.


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