Mercedes Adding Heads-up Display

Mercedes DisplayMercedes-Benz has done a turnabout on the subject of heads-up display and now plans to offer the feature on its redesigned S class and C class, say company sources.

The redesigned S-class flagship arrives in showrooms in September. Heads-up display is expected to be added as an option to both the S class and C class in the fall of 2014.

Mercedes’ system will project speed, navigation data and certain warning lights onto the windshield.
The system likely will include a warning function if a pedestrian is detected by the vehicle’s night vision system.

Mercedes is late to the game. Today heads-up display systems are offered by several carmakers and the technology comes in various degrees of sophistication.

BMW launched heads-up display in 2003. Audi offers it on the A6 and the A7. Corvette has had it for years.

In the past, Daimler engineers have viewed heads-up display as a potential driver distraction, but this assessment has been reversed.
Other Mercedes models besides the S class and C class will get heads-up display eventually.

“This technology won’t come just on one model,” said a Daimler executive. “For the investment to pay off, it needs to be a comprehensive roll-out.”


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