Mercedes-Benz G-Class Shows Off Its Off-Roading Muscle

mercedes g-class off-road muscle

There’s intense off-roading and then there’s the all-terrain Mercedes G-Class. We’re getting a look at its serious off-roading muscle in a new Mercedes-Benz video.

The video features master off-roader and driving instructor Christian Vis behind the wheel of the G 500 on one of the most demanding off-road testing grounds in the world. The model hit the off-road at Hartsteinwerk in Kitxbühel.

The hard-core testing site puts the SUV to the test through snow, gravel, sand, ice, and crushed rock over a three-mile course. In the intense demo, the car shows off its skill at maintaining traction even in slow moving angles with only three wheels touching down.  It’s V8 engine is based on the new generation of engines developed by Mercedes-AMG. For use in the G-Class,  the engine has been modified to deliver 422 horses.

Part of the super all-terrain make of the model includes its three differential locks. These babes have been around since the birth of the G and they continue to offer superb off-roading. They work with three switches for adjusting the differential locks located on the dash. The middle stitch controls the link between front and back axles.

Mercedes is getting ready to launch the next generation of the G-Class, which hasn’t received a major overhaul in forty years. It will keep it boxy shape, but reportedly get wider.

The real big changes come under the skin. Mercedes will take advantage of new lighter materials and advanced technology to recharge the vehicle. In the end, the G-Class will likely shed up to 880 pounds. Also look for the cabin to also get a major overhaul in line with the looks of the new E-Class.

Photo Credit: Mercedes-Benz
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