Mercedes-Maybach 6 Concept Is a Vision in Red

Mercedes-Maybach 6, 2016

One thing is for certain. Mercedes-Benz is taking the resurrection of its Maybach nameplate quite seriously.

It’s just unveiled the new Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 concept during Monterey Car Week. And it’s a vision all right. It’s retro and futuristic all rolled into one stunning sedan that doesn’t seem to end.

This is the first Maybach concept since Mercedes announced it was bringing the sub-brand back last year. Mercedes calls it a redefined throwback to the “glorious age of the aero coupes”.  It has an enormous hood with a large grille. It’s 18.5 inches long with a long bonnet and a low roof line. This car just looks and breaths aerodynamics. Airflow is designed to hug the body and break away very late at the tail end, which doesn’t need a literal spoiler.

Of course, a Maybach isn’t a Maybach without the brand’s signature gull-wing doors. The exterior mirrors designed as cameras are supported on the wings. Mercedes spared nothing when it comes to the wheels, either. They’re a huge 24-inches.

Did we mention it’s all-electric? It’s designed to go over 200 miles on a charge.

As for whether Mercedes will build it, the answer is likely yes, at least in some version. There are rumors it could build a production version of the Maybach 6 as early as 2017 to take on the Bentley Continental and Rolls-Royce Wraith.

mercedes-maybach 6 10

mercedes-maybach 6

mercedes-maybach 6


mercedes-maybach 6

Photo Credit: Mercedes
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