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Pickuptrucks.com is a great website that I visit often. The just did a competition of mid-sized pickups, and since I get a lot of questions on these, I thought you might be interested in their findings.

In the past 10 years, the compact-truck segment has all but disappeared. In fact, the term “small truck” now has evolved to include mid-sized pickup trucks or anything that isn’t a half-ton or heavy-duty full-size pickup. With the fierce competition in the full-size half-ton segment, price wars have continued to punish the smaller counterparts. However, these vehicles are interesting and can provide a window into the engineering and design abilities of their makers. After all, this segment still makes up almost 3 percent of the auto industry.

They tested seven trucks: 2012 Chevy Colorado, 2011 Ford Ranger, 2012 GMC Canyon, 2012 Honda Ridgeline, 2012 Nissan Frontier, 2012 Suzuki Equator and 2012 Toyota Tacoma. Despite being similar in size, these trucks had many differences in capabilities, options and features.

They put the trucks through three days of exhaustive testing to see which one would rise to the top. They tested their maximum horsepower, their fuel efficiency, how they handled the rough desert surfaces.

Seven entered the arena (or at least Southern California), but only one midsize truck could be crowned the winner. It was a close battle, but there was a clear winner: The 2012 Toyota Tacoma.
Behind the Toyota in second place was Frontier, then Ridgeline, Equator, Colorado, Canyon, and rated last was the Ford Ranger.

If you would like to see a great video of the event, just click here: w0kcamlf

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  2. Robert Pesek 7 years ago

    Well…I guess I’m not surprised that the Tacoma should eek out the Frontier since it costs an additional $5,000. That’s still a lot of money to some of us. These test trucks were all top-of-the-line 4X4 loaded trucks. What many of us small truck owners are interested in seeing is if there still is really an economy truck out there that gives you your basic truck advantages with reliability, a much better price tag, and good gas mileage. I wasn’t overly impressed with the gas mileage for any of top midsize trucks in this review given the fact that we all may soon be looking at $5/gal gas. I currently own a 2000 Nissan Frontier with 4 cylinders, 5 speed manual transmission, and rear wheel drive. It gets 23 mpg around town. It’s a great reliable truck but I want something new with equivalent economy. Are there any reviews out there that compare small trucks in their more basic price range and focusing on economy of operation ??

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