MINI Vision Next Concept Makes Car Sharing Personal

mini vision next 100

We’ve shown you the BMW and Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 concepts. Now meet the Mini Vision Next 100. It’s BMW’s look into the future of car sharing, as the automaker celebrates its 100th anniversary.

The all-electric Mini concept is definitely a conversation starter with its see through front and futuristic minimalist design.

Beyond looks, the bigger idea was to create a highly individual, yet shareable car, through digital personalization. 

P90222670_highRes_mini-vision-next-100Basically, Mini designed a high-tech car that recognizes former Mini drivers and automatically adjusts to their settings the moment they walk up. It does this by creating a digital profile. Mini even envisions the car projecting a custom digital greeting on the ground. 

The customization even allows drivers to change the exterior of the car. Made of silver projection screens, if you want a classic all red Mini, it becomes a classic all red mini. If you want pink fluffy unicorns, it complies.

Mini Vision Concept - Car Pro

Inside, Mini dropped the traditional instrument cluster in favor of a single bar system which allows the steering wheel and pedals to slide from one side to the other.  Mini kept the steering-wheel because it believes drivers will still want to, well, drive, despite the arrival of self-driving cars. 

The iconic Mini round speedometer stays. It’s front and center and serves as the access point for all the information and customized tech. It also replaces the spot where a gas engine would be to highlight BMW’s vision of an emissions-free future.

Mini’s parent BMW believes the arrival of self-driving tech will improve road safety significantly. That means the design of cars will shift. There will no longer be the need for long hoods and excessive safety features because autonomous cars will just be safe. The automaker also envisions a future when drivers will summon a car and it will drive itself to them.

mini next vision 100 - Car Pro


mini vision 100 - Car Pro
Photo Credit: Mini
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