More than 10 Million Toyota Hybrids Are On The Road

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The mean green 10 million Toyota machines. They’re taking over the world. 

This week, the Japanese automaker announced quite a milestone. It’s sold more than 10 million hybrids globally. The exact number at the end of January was 10,048,500.  Toyota estimates its kept 77 million tons of C02 from escaping into the air. At the pump, it adds up to saving 7.66 billion gallons of gasoline. 

Toyota started keeping a count in 1997. That year marks the birth of the now iconic Prius. It then became the little Prius that could. It holds the title as the first mass-production hybrid model. Since its launch, the Toyota hybrid lineup has expanded to include a hybrid Camry, including the silver 2018 Camry we checked out at the Detroit Auto Show. There are also hybrid RAV4 and Highlander models along with the Lexus RX 450h.

Since its arrival, the Prius family has grown to three models. The compact Prius c – for city – and the larger Prius v. All those models helped and were inspired by the continuing growth in demand for hybrids. Yep, even with gas prices dropping. It only took the last nine months to get the final million.

The numbers break down worldwide to nearly half, 4.85 million, hybrids sold in Japan. After that, the second biggest sales are in North America with 3.19 million. Then Europe at 1.33 million. The remaining are spread out in smaller markets. In total, Toyota sells 33 hybrid variants in 90 markets worldwide.

Last year alone Toyota sold over 246,000 units. It also credits the 2015 makeover on the Rav4 hybrid. The model takes the credit for making up 13 percent of hybrid sales last year.

Toyota refuses to settle at 10 million. Rather it sees the milestone as a launching point. It hopes to up hybrid sales to 1.5 million yearly. That goal will put it at 15 million total by 2020.

Check out our review of the Prius. Who knows. It might turn out to be your perfect next car.

Photo Credit: Prius
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