Museum Delivers Its First 2016 Admiral Blue Corvette

admiral blue

All rise. Admiral Blue has arrived.

The National Corvette Museum recently delivered its first 2016 Admiral Blue Corvette to owner Scott Sloan, of Battle Creek, Michigan. Sloan picked it up this week after choosing the R8C Museum Delivery Option.

What makes it so special is that Admiral Blue is actually technically a new 2017 color, but Chevy gave people a small window to order it on a 2016 model. So Sloan is getting one of only several hundred 2016 models with the color.  

He put his order in on April 25th, during the short two-week ordering period for the 2016 optioned color. He wanted a new ‘Vette in his garage after selling his 2006 Lemans Blue Coupe. 

“I sold the 2006 a couple of years ago and had decided back in December that I was going to buy a Stingray in February. But then they started releasing information that they were discontinuing the Laguna Blue so I decided to wait and see what blue would replace it,” Sloan told the museum.

(By the way, Laguna Blue is a favorite of the Car Pro’s Jerry Reynolds, who currently owns a 2016 Corvette Z06 in that color.)

Admiral Blue is a resurrection of a color from 1996 Corvette, but with a shiny twist.

“There’s no metallic in the 1996 Admiral Blue, but there is in the new one, so it’s actually very close to the 2004, 2005, and 2006 Lemans Blue Corvettes,” says Corvette Specialist Mike Furman. “We are allowed up to three color changes per year, so Admiral Blue was our third color change for 2016. This then allowed us three more colors for the 2017 model year. I’ve been doing this for 38 years and don’t remember GM allowing you to order a color coming out the following year. It was pretty special I’d say.”

Chevy only produced 221 Admiral Blue Stingrays and 115 Z06s for the 2016 model year. The exclusivity is not lost on Scott.

“He was very happy, thrilled to be getting a 2017 color in 2016,” says Furman.

The last of the 2016 models will roll off the line June 24th. Then after a short break the 2017 models begin production on July 11th. For more on the Museum Corvette Delivery experience, click here.

Photo Credit: National Corvette Museum
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