My Plates Auction Sets Record

Great Plate Auction updateA Houston man set a state record last Friday night when he raised his bid card at the Great Plate Auction 2013. He bid $25,000 for the one and only official Texas license plate, HOUSTON. That beats the previous record of $15,000 for FERRARI paid at auction in Dallas in 2011. My Trusty Sidekick and I attended the auction at the Reliant Center last Friday night and had a blast.

High bidder Chris Gillman of Houston says, as a car dealer, he drives mostly demo cars, so his $25,000 plate will likely go on his hunting truck! “Houston has been very good to our family for many, many years. I am proud of this plate and especially proud that the proceeds benefit the Houston Auto Dealers Association Scholarship Fund.” Gillman is a Car Pro Show dealer in Houston and San Antonio.

My Plates estimates that the 10 plates at the Great Plate Auction went for a grand total of more than $65,000. Of that amount, My Plates estimates that more than $40,000 goes to the State general revenue fund. On average, 60-65% of each plate price goes to the State. More than $25,000 went to these charities: Houston Auto Dealers Association Scholarship Fund, Houston Texans YMCA, Houston Rockets Foundation, and the Houston Dynamo Foundation.

Tony Gullo of Houston spent more than $25,000 on the four plates he won: ROCKETS for $16,500, TEXAN5 for $4250, INDY CAR for $2750, MAYBACH for $1750. He says, “We’re going to keep these plates in our family forever. We have a big family, the children, grandchildren, and even the great grandchildren will have these to enjoy!”

ROCKETS was the second highest priced plate at $16,500 (also breaking the previous record.)

BENTLEY went to for $10,000 to an online bidder.

Charles El-Moussa of RE/MAX Texas bought CARERRA for $3250 and doesn’t even own a Porsche! “Oh, this is just about charity. I don’t have a Carrera. RE/MAX is committed to charity, and I see this as one more way I and my family can be a part of helping Houston.”

Here are the 10 auction plates and what they sold for:

• Lot 1: DYNAMO $2000
• Lot 2: MAYBACH $1750
• Lot 3: TEXAN5 $4250
• Lot 4: BOXSTER $1750
• Lot 5: HOUSTON $25,000
• Lot 6: ROCKETS $16,500
• Lot 7: BENTLEY $10,000
• Lot 8: INDY CAR $2750
• Lot 9: CARRERA $3250
• Lot 10: PHANTOM $1500


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