NASCAR Driver Found With 7 Stolen Vehicles – Car Pro News

NASCAR Mike HarmonMike Harmon, driver in NASCAR’s Nationwide Series and truck series, might be in a bit of trouble. He was found with five racing trucks and two racing cars, apparently belonging to his former business associate—the same one he allegedly stole a trailer from two weeks ago, leading to an arrest.
Harmon and truck series driver Jennifer Jo Cobb had a falling-out last year, a particularly acrimonious one that’s still caught up in litigation. Earlier this month, Cobb’s hauler disappeared just before a race, and she told police that Harmon had taken it. He denied it, but was arrested on felony larceny and breaking and entering charges.
Fast-forward to late last week. Deputies executed a search warrant and seized seven vehicles found at Harmon’s shop in Mooresville, N.C., and at a storage shed he owns. Investigators believe all seven belong to Cobb. They will soon meet with the district attorney to determine if and when further charges will be filed.


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