Neiman Marcus Offers Limited-Edition Ford Mustangs For Christmas

Ford Mustang Neimans

If you love Ford Mustangs you’re going to love this year’s Neiman Marcus Christmas Book, especially if you’ve been good this year.

Among the fantasy gifts this year? A 2015 Neiman Marcus Limited-Edition Mustang convertible that comes with a 700 horsepower supercharged V8 engine. However, it WON’T have all-wheel-drive.

Ford and custom shop SMC Productions will build 100 of the pony cars and they’ll go for $95,000 each. You also get a two-day stint at a Ford Racing School course included in the price. But of course, you’ll still have to pay for all the details, i.e. the taxes, title, licensing, registration and/or shipping.

Ford says dealers will distribute the cars, we’d guess probably based on where the buyer lives.

The limited-edition Mustang marks the pony car’s 50th anniversary and has a 700-hp engine, racing suspension, carbon-fiber trim, MagnaFlow custom-side exhaust and racing seats all wrapped in a blue, black and silver tri-coat exterior.

The cars will go on sale at noon EDT on Oct. 13. But be prepared to be patient for Santa, because deliveries will take place up until March 1, 2016. Neiman Marcus also says it will donate $1,000 to The Heart of Neiman Marcus Foundation for every car sold.

Most cars Neiman’s has offered up in the past, including Aston Martins, McLarens and Maseratis, have all sold out shorty after going up for sale in the catalog.

Photo Credit: Neiman Marcus
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