New 2017 Ford Super Duty Gets Super Cool Cupholders

2017 ford super duty cupholders

Some days all it takes are cool cupholders to get us excited and this is one of those days. Specifically, we’re talking about the new two-into-four cupholders you’ll find in the new 2017 Ford Super Duty pickup.

The magic is that they turn from two cupholders into four (as you might have guessed already.) You just slide a cover plate back and forth for the transformation. If you take the transformable cupholders into account, the Super Duty can have as many as 10 cupholders at one time.

“Our Super Duty customers seek to be as productive as their trucks,” says Doug Scott, Ford truck group marketing manager, in a statement. “Their beverages and options for storage enable this, so we created this new, unique transformable cup holder-a convertible two-into-four assembly unit with a hidden storage compartment that allows them to be as efficient as their truck.”

Watch this short video on how it works.

Ford says it started conducting cupholder research when it designed the 2017 Fusion.

Here’s what the researchers found out:

Bottles reign supreme in the U.S. 

According to a Nielsen survey, 79 percent of Americans say they use cupholders for bottles. A majority of people – 52 percent – say they typically use cupholders to carry cups of coffee and tea. Ford research also found North American customers use large soft-drink cups more than other parts of the world, and they’re much likelier to drink on the go.

Cup holders aren’t just for cups 

Cellphones are the most common non-beverage item placed in cupholders. Roughly half of drivers say they use their cupholder to store their mobile device. 28 percent say they use it for loose change. Food is placed in cupholders by 19 percent of respondents, while 14 percent use it for gum or mints, and 12 percent for wallets. Millennials and teens are much more likely than their elders to use cupholders for non-beverage items. Men are also more likely to use cupholders to store their wallet and change.

The three cups rule

Ford found most cups fall between three basic scenarios: your average half-liter recyclable water bottle, the 20-ounce plastic bottle typically used for juices and sports drinks, and the 30-ounce soft-drink cup found at many fast-food restaurants. If a cupholder can help hold all three, it can likely hold most any cup.

We may never look at cup holders in the same way again.

Photo Credit: Ford

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