Alfa Romeo Giulia Is A Stunner, Just Like It Needed To Be

Alfa Romeo is getting serious now in its plan to take the U.S. by storm. It’s preparing to go head to head against the BMW 3 Series and Audi A4 with its new Giulia Quadrifoglio compact sports sedan with a Ferrari-built V6 that packs 503 horses.  To boot, it will offer its highest performing version right out of the gate, something the German brands don’t necessarily do.

The Guilia, which will arrive at dealers late next year, is definitely a head turner and it needed to be. Alfa Romeo’s parent Fiat Chrysler is counting on the lightweight, rear-wheel sedan to help turn the Italian brand around. It’s actually the first of eight new Alfas planned to launch over the next three years. Development is top secret by the way. The company says it hand-picked 600 or so staff to work on the new Alfas who were told to “respect the brand, innovate and be revolutionary” in making the next-generation of Alfas.

So what’s so cool about the Guilia aside from its sleek looks? Well, for one, it comes with a manual transmission. Then there is the Ferrari-developed aluminum biturbo 3.0 V6 engine to talk about. It’s one engine option which gives you two turbos for power and cylinder activation to improve economy. Muscle wise, it delivers 503 horsepower and Alfa says it can clock 0-62 time in 3.9 seconds. And yes, this tops the BMW 3 Series. The new Giulia also gets a 50/50 weight distribution across the two axles.

There will be some other engine options like a turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine as well. Meanwhile, while this one is rear-wheel drive, expect some AWD offerings in the range, too.

The all-new suspension system is made of aluminum. The front suspension is a double-wishbone set-up that includes a new semi-virtual steering axis designed to keep the car accurate and stable at high speeds and allow precise steering feel even under hard cornering or high lateral acceleration. The Giulia is outfitted with power steering system, unlike the 4C. In back, the rear suspension is a new multi-link system, which gives independent control of the wheels from the body.

If all that isn’t enough, Alfa Romeo redid its logo, too, in honor of the brands 105th anniversary this week.

Look for the Giulia to arrive next year.

Photo Credit: Alfa Romeo
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