New App Connects BMWs to Traffic Lights


BMW wants to enlighten us all with its new app that’s designed to beam traffic signal info, like when the light will change, onto your vehicle display.

It’s fittingly called the EnLighten App, by Connected Signals, and BMW says it will help make driving both safer and easier by allowing drivers to know when traffic lights will changes. BMW even says it will help save fuel by helping drivers avoid unnecessary acceleration.

Of course, it must be said it only works if a city has an integrated network of smart traffic signals and right now it’s a select club .Supported cities currently are Portland and Eugene, Oregon and Salt Lake City, Utah, which together makes up more than 2000 traffic lights.

If you do happen to be in one of those cities, here’s how it works. The app shows the status of the traffic light in front of the car in real time, and gives you a countdown to when the signal will change. Based on the current vehicle position, and its speed, the app will offer a recommendation on whether or not to stop for the traffic light or proceed through it.

An audio alert notifies the driver about a pending change in the signal they are approaching. The app is even smart enough to take turn lanes into account. If you have your turn signal on, it will only display the turning light’s status.

The EnLighten app integration will work in any BMW equipped with the BMW Apps option with the app running on a connected Apple iPhone. You can download it from the Apple AppStore.

Photo Credit: BMW



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