New App For When You are Stuck in Traffic

Stuck AppTraffic, as we’ve established, is one of the worst things about driving. Too many motorists on too few roads is enough to ruin one’s day, not to mention the impact vehicle congestion has on the environment. Now, an app called I’m Stuck can share the misery that comes with being lodged on the 405 for three hours for no apparent reason with the people who have the power to make road improvements: politicians.

Yes, I’m Stuck, as Wired describes it, is “like tweeting a company CEO when a product fails.” I’m Stuck sends a message directly to your local Representative or Senator about where you’re stuck and why. It includes everything from your average traffic jam to a subway delay to an overcrowded train.

Funded by Building America’s Future, an infrastructure advocacy group that counts former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell, New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as its co-chairs, I’m Stuck is meant to help shed light on the amount of productivity that is lost by transportation delays. It’s also designed to help Americans realize that politicians can have an effect on the amount of misery that comes with their commute.

Head on over to the I’m Stuck app’s website to have a closer look. The app is available, free of charge, in both the Apple App Store and the Android Marketplace.


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