New App to Prevent Children Left in Hot Cars – Car Pro News

A baby-seat maker is now integrating an interesting smartphone app that alerts parents when their child isn’t properly strapped in — or to other dangers.

The First Years brand from TOMY International will carry the built-in True Fit IAlert system that will send an alert on a parent’s or caregiver’s smartphone if a car seat is incorrectly positioned or becomes unbuckled. It also warns if the temperature of the car is becoming too hot or cold or if a child is being left behind when a parent exits the vehicle.

The system represents a high-tech answer to the problem of children who are killed in accidents due to improperly installed car seats or accidentally left behind in cars on hot days, leading to heatstroke and death.

“Being able to provide parents with the additional peace of mind that comes with technological advances such as IAlert is central to our company mission,” says Greg Kilrea, president of TOMY International. “It is critically important to us to take this leadership position in advancing the overall safety of infants and children in motor vehicles.”


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