New Audi Technology Talks to Smart Traffic Lights

audi traffic light technology

Audi is getting ready to launch new in-car technology that talks to smart traffic lights.

Audi calls it the Traffic Light information system. It’s the first vehicle to infrastructure technology launch in select Audi vehicles. It allows vehicles to communicate in real-time with traffic lights. The system then alerts the driver when the light changes from red to green.  It can even give drivers a countdown to when the light will change and show it on your heads-up display (if you have one.)

The system works through the Audi Connect system, and more specifically the Connect Prime system. It launches this fall in certain models of the 2017 Audi Q7,  A4 and A4 allroad.

We have to point out one big thing here. As you might have already deduced, for this to work, you have to drive in a so-called Smart City. Meaning you have to live somewhere that has advanced traffic light systems the vehicle can talk to. Break it down even further and it comes down to systems that integrate technology from Traffic Technology Services.  Audi’s system links the vehicle’s on-board LTE data to TTS’s infrastructure servers.

According to the TTS website, the current metro areas of ongoing deployments as of a year ago were: Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis New York City, Portland, OR, San Diego, San Francisco, Washington, DC.

You can check out how the V2I system works in the Audi video below.

Photo Credit: Audi


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