New Car Seat Detects Children Left In Hot Cars

Long-time newsletter subscribers know I often write about and warn people about the needless dangers of leaving kids and pets in hot cars. Wal-Mart says it wants to help busy parents in this extreme heat.

The retailer said it collaborated with Evenflo to bring a new car seat to market that will help prevent the awful tragedies of children accidentally being left in hot cars.

The first-of-its kind car seat has technology built into it to alert parents that a child is still in the seat when the car is turned off.

Here’s how the Evenflo Advanced SensorSafe Embrace infant car seat works. (By the way, it’s only sold at Wal-Mart and costs $149.88.)

It uses a wireless receiver that plugs into a car’s On Board Diagnostic (OBD) port and syncs with the chest clip that goes around the baby.

If the car is turned off and the chest clip is still buckled, a series of tones will play to alert the driver.

The car seat addition was one of several new baby brands and products that Wal-Mart announced last Thursday.

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