New Datsun Coming, But Not Here

Datsun logoDatsun will return to the automotive world in July, but only a part of it.

Autocar India reports that the first vehicle from the reborn car company will be unveiled in New Delhi on July 15th.

The five-door hatchback is to be powered by a 1.2-liter four-cylinder engine and be designed with a focus on comfort, fuel economy and affordability.

The brand is being revived by Nissan to do battle in the low-priced end of the market.

To that end, the vehicle is expected to be priced as low as $5,500 when it goes on sale next year.

Unfortunately for American fans of the original incarnation of Datsun, which changed its name to Nissan three decades ago, they’ll have to take a trip to the Eastern Hemisphere for a test drive.

The new car will be sold only in India, Russia and Indonesia initially, as it is being targeted primarily at emerging markets.

They can, however, take some solace in the fact that Nissan currently sells the cheapest car in the United States, the Versa, which has a base price of $12,780.

Of course, compared to the new Datsun, that doesn’t seem like nearly as good of a bargain as it used to.


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