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Sex while drivingA new online survey measures just how much actual living goes on in cars — whether it is eating, applying makeup, flirting or having sex.

As a result, according to the Harris Interactive survey conducted for a company called Scout GPS, drivers are still distracted despite all the attention paid to the risks.
The survey finds that 11% of the 1,832 U.S. adults participating in the survey admit to “having participated in a sexual activity while driving.” Predictably, men were three times more likely to admit — boast? — they had, at 17%, compared to women at 5%.

By a percentage point, those age 35 to 44 were the leading age group for acknowledging their sexual exploits in moving cars. Those 18 to 34 were next.
Some 19% say they have eaten using a fork, spoon or knife while driving, 10% have applied makeup and 9% have flirted with another driver. Those who have read a book behind the wheel represent only 4%.

While Harris is a respected polling organization and 1,832 is a lot of respondents, the results are not considered scientific, but they are interesting.

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  1. David Phillips 5 years ago

    Bill Engvall has always said that there are only three things he needs in life: Food, Sleep and Sex.
    And that he can do all three in his pickup. So the survey is not surprising.

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